New to contra?

Pointing out the direction during a "hey"
Dancers help each other by pointing during walk through

Please come for the introductory workshop held about 7:40 before the dancing begins, so we can walk you through the basic moves. (Feel free to come several times, and to come again after you’ve been dancing a while, to work on new skills, learn the “opposite” gender role, or to help newer people learn.) You will be part of a living tradition passed on by the experienced dancers helping the newcomers.

Ken the caller leads the dancers

Join in the very first dance of the evening with an experienced partner. Try to dance all of the first few dances, as they are usually the easier ones; and change partners each dance. Listen to the caller, and watch the other dancers, who will help by pointing, and gently helping you move in the right directions.

Dance with lots of different people, not just people you already know. Stick with one gender role for the first few months, even if you want to learn both eventually.

Relax. We were all new once, and most experienced dancers are glad to share something they love!

Classes, groups, and clubs are welcome too. Please give us a little advance notice if you can, so we can plan for a larger than usual number of beginners. If you prefer, we can arrange for a caller & helpers to come to your school, meeting, or event to give an introduction. Contact Ken at, or call (317) 488 – 7751.


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