want to play in open band?

Great! We always welcome musicians of pretty much any experience level to play with the open band (first Tuesday of odd numbered months). Fiddle, banjo, spoons, drums, Sousaphone!

This is music and dance by and for amateurs, for fun; we don’t expect professional skills (though pros are welcome too) and it’s not a contest! You’re just going to play a 64 beat tune over and over, at a consistent tempo appropriate for a moderately brisk walk, for about 10 minutes.

Shy? Don’t worry. We won’t put you right behind a microphone, and you can play as quietly as you want.

Please arrive around 7:15 on Open Band night (the next one is July 2nd) and we’ll get you set up on the stage, and go over how we handle tune selection and changes, how the caller will communicate with the band, and other mechanics.

Band members must still wear clean shoes or socks when walking across the church gym floor.

Questions? Email our schedulers (Dianna and Vickie) at indycontra.schedule@gmail.com.