September 2016

September 6
Ledfoot with Rhonda Minnich calling

Local caller Rhonda Minnich brings her fun and clear teaching to the Grove Haus while Leslie Selden, Dave Schroeder, Lisa Wagoner Schroeder, and Steve Kobe (LEDfoot) bring their mix of fiddle, bass, mandolin, flute, guitar and more for our dancing enjoyment.

September 13
Sunday Night Swing with Ken Gall

Ken Gall brings his experienced teaching to the dance floor while Sunday Night Swing (Dianna Davis, Tobe Woodrough, Daryl Jones, and Bob Foster) bring their jazz flavored old-time and bluegrass music for an energetic evening of dance.

September 20
Electro Contra with DR Shadow and Vickie Stohl

Come rock your socks off with the amazing beat of electro contra, provided by our very own DR Shadow! Vickie Stohl brings her calm and lovely voice to lead the dancers into smooth deliciousness.

September 25th –Sunday Dance
Cosmic Otters with Katie Zukof calling
The Cosmic Otters (Meg Dedolph – guitar, percussion, Eric Schedler – accordion, piano, Jonathan Whitall – fiddle, piano) bring their “Driving, Irish and Scottish-flavored contra dance music: fiddly goodness, gutsy guitar, romping accordion” to Indy’s dance floor. Katie Zukof of Bloomington will help them create a magical Sunday afternoon of dance.

September 27
Emily Ann and Kelly Thompson with Kathy Bianco

Local favorites Emily Ann and Kelly bring their classy Irish and folk tunes to the Haus while new caller (and Indy Contra board member) Kathy Bianco brings her sassy sense of humor to get us dancing.