February 2016

February 2
Deb Shebish and Johnandrew Bellner, with Ken Gall
Deb performs traditional fiddle, folk, orchestral and chamber music, and is currently working on a documentary about Indiana’s fiddle traditions. Johnandrew is a recording engineer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer who performs in half a dozen Indy bands.

Ken’s calling tour this past fall included Berkeley CA, Colorado Springs, Toronto ON, and Rochester NY.

February 9
Troika with Nick Rockstroh
Nick, visiting from Louisville, KY, has been calling and writing dances for two years, He likes to experiment, always trying to make sure everyone can participate.

It’s Mardi Gras, so expect beads, masks, and donuts.

February 16
Elections and annual meeting – Electro Contra with Vicki Stohl
A brief annual members’ meeting at the break features an update on our organization’s activities, and election of new board members.

We welcome back Vickie, who’s been living in Durham, NC. Vickie previously served on Indy Contra’s board, ran sound, called, and played a variety of instruments.

February 23
Baba Yaga’s Stew with Frank Buschelmann
Lucia Thomas on the fiddle and banjo and Dianna Davis on piano, clarinet, and piano, Baba Yaga’s Stew draws from both musicians’ repetoire of Eastern European folk music and beyond.

Frank is a long time Cincinnati caller and organizer.

Upcoming events
Our calendar the next few months includes visiting bands and callers from Georgia, Missouri, New England, Pennsylvania, and Texas, and a Sunday afternoon contra on May 22. Gypsy Moon Ball is October 21 – 23, with Party of Three and Cis Hinkle.