August 2016

August 2
Ledfoot with Bob Duffy

Local caller Bob Duffy brings his calm and expert calling to the Haus while Leslie Selden, Dave Schroeder, Lisa Wagoner Schroeder, and Steve Kobe bring their mix of fiddle, bass, mandolin, flute, guitar and more for our dancing enjoyment.

August 9
Troika with Judy Goldsmith
Troika (meaning “trio” in Russian) combines the diverse sounds of Ireland, Old Time America, Eastern and Southern Europe, the Cajun South and more for a truly eclectic dance experience. Judy Goldsmith will be calling for us.

August 13th
Contra @ The State Fair

Free tickets to the state fair for members and local dancers who will come and dance from 8-10 PM at the State Fair. This is a great way to share the fun of contra while enjoying our great Indiana State Fair.

August 16
Emily Ann and Kelly Thompson with Adam Nichols calling

August 21–Sunday Dance
Meadowhawk with Susan Moffett

Come dance with us on a fine August Sunday to the awesome tunes of Claire Johnson, Amanda Ramey and Matt Turino while Susan Moffett brings her energy and joy to the dances she calls.

August 23
Haus Party and Friends with Ken Gall

Our very own “Haus” band, led by Dianna Davis and Ben Smith, return to rock the Haus to the fine calling of our friend Ken Gall.

August 30
Dianna Davis and Vickie Stohl with Alex Deis-Lauby calling