April 2015

Emily Ann Kelly Thompson from EAT web

Tuesday, April 7th
Emily Ann and Kelly Thompson with Rhonda Minnich
Emily Ann and Kelly Thompson play Celtic & Old Time, fast, high-energy jigs and reels, captivating airs and songs, with perhaps classical or jazz influences. Rhonda Minnich calls. Rhonda, Indy Contra’s unofficial photographer, will be doing the calling tonight.  She’s been not only calling at Indy Contra, but hitting the open calling around the midwest, and is one of our new regular callers.

Conolution from DD web landscape
Tuesday, April 14th
Convolution with Ken Gall
Mean Lid Ben Smith and Coffee Zombie Dianna Davis draw from minimalism inspirations and such genres as Middle Eastern, Irish, swing, and free improvisation, while Ken Gall calls. “Really fast and efficient, delivering good dances with good humor. No BS, no ego,” says Sam Bartlett.

Troika new
Tuesday, April 21st
Troika with Adam Nichols
Three quarters of Troika bring the rich and diverse landscape of Eastern European & other folk musics to American contra dancers.  Dianna Davis’ clarinet, driven forward by the punchy rhythms of Mario Joven’s guitar and Adam Riviere’s doumbek.  Adam Nichols calls.

Indy Contra -10-14-1291 copy
Tuesday, April 28th
Deb Shebish and Johnandrew Bellner with Open calling
Deb Shebish and Johnandrew Bellner are one of Indy’s favorite pair of folk musicians, you can often find these two playing Saturday evenings with Hogeye Navvy or playing Irish trad music at one of the Irish pubs around town.

It’s Open Calling night, so novice and experienced callers are invited to lead a dance or two.  Please contact Adam Nichols if you’re interested, and/or arrive a few minutes early to get on the evening’s schedule.

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Sunday with The Ripples

The Ripples 4up from webMay 31, 2 – 5 p.m., afternoon contra with music by The Ripples.

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March 2015

We have six contras this month:

March 3rd
Electro Contra!

D.R. Shadow is back to provide the electronic music to spin you across the floor, with Adam Nichols calling the dances.  Check out how much fun we had the last time!

Tuesday, March 10th
Ledfoot and Ken Gall – Old time music by Leslie, Dave, Lisa, and Steve, with with Ken, calling back home in Indiana between dance and calling trips all around the country.

LEDFoot for Facebook


Tuesday, March 17th
Relative Harmony and Judy Greenhill – his Ontario-based band plays an energetic blend of traditional New England, Quebecois and Irish/Celtic, with some original tunes added to the mix.

Sunday, March 22nd
Beach Party! – Cincinnati caller Darlene Underwood joins Miriam Larson, Ben Smith, and Matt Turino for an afternoon full of dancing. The Mean Lids have been described as “mesmerizing,” “outstanding,” and “one of the top contra bands in the country,” but then most of you already knew that!

“Beach” attire prizes will be awarded. Snacks (beach themed or not) welcome.

Tuesday, March 24th
Not Tom and Jerry and Deborah Denenfeld – A caller from Louisville, KY, Deborah Denenfeld has a great passion for dancing and will be bringing that excitement to Indy Contra! She has over twenty years of experience leading dance at schools, weddings, retreats, and of course contra communities like ours. She also recently has started a contra dance program for veterans in Louisville!  Tom Cunningham (fiddle player from the Coffee Zombies!) and Ben Andrews (gypsy jazz guitarist) will provide all the swingin’ tunes.

Tuesday, March 31st
Convolution and Bob Duffy – Indy’s “house band” Convolution is back on the stage to provide all your music needs for the last contra of the month.  Local caller Bob Duffy calls.

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Gypsy Moon Ball 2015

Gypsy Moon Ball 2015 will be Friday – Sunday, October 23 – 25 at Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ in downtown Indianapolis.

Music by& Gallimaufry &  Turnip the Beet calling by Susan Kevra & Maggie Jo Saylor. Here’s Turnip the Beet with Susan Kevra:

Approximate schedule: contra 8 – midnight Friday, 10 am to midnight Saturday (with dinner & lunch breaks), and waltz then contra 10 – 3 Sunday. All welcome, pre-registration not required, not gender balanced. More details tba.

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Beach Party 2015

Music by The Mean Lids, calling by Darlene Underwood, join us Sunday, March 22, 2015, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

We’ll be at our regular location, Grove Haus, 1001 Hosbrook Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203, United States, Earth.

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February 2015

Here’s a summary of our February dance plans. It’s also time for us to hold elections for board members, so if you’re interested in helping with contra, please volunteer!

February 3, Deb Shebish and Johnandrew Bellner are back in Indiana! These married musicians bring energetic old time and Irish dance music. Between the two of them, they have played with pretty much all the folk musicians in town – come out and dance to them and you’ll see why! Rhonda K. Minnich, who’s also responsible for many of the great recent photographs on our website & facebook, will call.

February 10, caller Michael Fuerst visits from Urbana, IL, and we’ll have fiddle and guitar by Emily Ann and Kelly Thompson, one of our favorite Indy bands.

February 17, Indy’s all-girl contra dance band The Spinels is back! Dianna Davis on clarinet and accordion, Katie Burk (fiddle) and Allie Burbrink (banjo) from the Whipstitch Sallies, Jill Moore on guitar, and Juliet Port on bass. They’ll be rockin’ it out at the Grove Haus for your Mardi Gras festivities! Adam Nichols will call the dances – come dance the night away! Here’s a video of The Spinels playing for our dance several years ago:

February 24 brings Dugan Murphy visiting from Maine! Dugan was a favorite Cincinnati caller, during his too brief time in the midwest and will doubtless bring excitement (and a carload of friends). If for no other reason, you should come to see what Dugan wears! Music is by Convolution – Ben Smith and Dianna Davis from Indianapolis plus guest musician Kristen Planeaux from Cincinnati.

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January 2015!

Indy Contra has a Sunday afternoon dance scheduled for January 18, 2 – 5 p.m.  with music by Turnip the Beet, and calling by Bradley Smith..

Our Tuesday night dances this month:

January 6, start the year dancing, with Ken Gall calling to Convolution.

January 13, Ryan Smith calls to Tom Cunningham & Ben Andrew.

January 20, we feature Bloomington talent: the Lion’s Head Dance Band (Eric Schedler, Ben Smith, and Sam Bartlett) and Steven Janowiecki calling.

January 27, Rachel McCandliss, visiting from Atlanta, GA, calls to Troika.



In case of bad weather, please check us on twitter https://twitter.com/IndyContra  which is likeliest to be updated fastest.

January 31 is a 5th Saturday, so Bloomington, IN has a contra just an hour south-ish of us. That weekend Louisville, KY has events Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in conjunction with a CDSS board meeting.

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New Year’s Eve eve

Tuesday, December 30 we dance to calling by Rhonda Minnich and music by Emily Ann & Kelly Thompson.


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Holiday contras

Indy Contra dancers are invited to help Bloomington keep their record of dancing every single Wednesday night for decades, by attending their contras on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  12/31 features Bloomington, music by the Coffee Zombies & calling by Lauren Peckman.

The first weekend  of every year is “Jan Jam,” in Urbana, IL.

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Electro contra

December 23 we feature an electro contra DJ’d by D.R. Shadow, aka. Ben Smith.  Adam Nichols will call.

We’ll be dimming the lights for techno fun at the Grove Haus, so if you want, dress the part, bring friends and family, and we’ll see you there for this special contra!

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