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You don’t need to have registered, we welcomed dancers to come any or all of the weekend.

We danced Friday through Sunday, November 4 – 6, 2011 at Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ (Google map or their website), in downtown Indianapolis. Callers were Kathy Anderson and Susan Moffett, with music by Changeling and the Coffee Zombies. As usual, everyone was welcome, with no gender balance, no need to pre-register, and discounted admission available if you can help with stuff.

Saturday “workshops”: In the morning, Lindy Hop with Doug & Fiona, and International with Barry & Vickie. In the afternoon, beginner & intermediate waltz with (a different) Vickie, open calling/band, advanced contra & squares with Kathy, advanced contra with Susan, & spice it up music session with John & Twy!

PARKING – was included in the registration! If you told the person at the church parking lot booth that you’re there for Gypsy Moon Ball contra dancing and they didn’t charge you. (They’re near the Old National Murat Theatre, and charge for parking during events.)

FRIDAY night Food Truck Fest – right across the street, started at 5 p.m. $5 admission or 2 food pantry items got you access to food trucks & music & games & also meant there was extra demand for parking in our lot.

We welcomed snacks (we’re supplying chips & dips, cheese & crackers, celery & carrots & fruit, cookies, & lemonade, coffee, teas – plus a light brunch at Sunday morning waltzing).

Saturday night we were not able to have a pitch in (due to board of health). Nearby restaurants included:

These directories helped you find other cuisines:

  • Discover Mass Ave. Restuarant Directory, 10 minute walk or less, well lit & populated at night.
  • Yelp’s “Chatham Arch” area, 10 minute walk or less, mostly up & down Mass. Ave., well lit and populated at night.
  • IndyEthnicFood’s directory of downtown & Mass Ave. restaurants.
  • Yelp’s “Near North” area, 20 – 30+ minute walk, mostly northwest of Monument Circle and along the Canal. Well lit and populated (though you pass through areas of little nightlife getting there, so might want to drive).
  • Wholesale District” restaurant directory – 20 – 30 minute walk. Major tourist area, with convention center, mall, theaters, museums, & upscale hotels. Wide range of moderate, upscale, chain, and local restaurants.

Kathy Anderson

Kathy Anderson is widely admired for her exciting squares, quirky contras, and swift, clear teaching .  She started calling 30 years ago at all the local festivals and has strong old-time roots. Making it fun for everyone is her goal.

Susan Moffett

Susan Moffett has been calling contra and square dances throughout the midwest for many years. Dancers enjoy Susan’s clear and enthusiastic calling. An avid dancer herself, Moffett brings infectious energy to any dance from venues as diverse as Tampa, Chicago, St. Louis and Charleston.


  • – available in $75 – $150+ range, as of early October
  • – several un-named 3 – 3 1/2 star hotels near airport and Speedway and NW side (20 minutes drive), in the $50 range, as of Thursday
  • – several 2 – 3 1/3 star hotels (Comfort Suites, Ramada, Windham) near the Airport, Speedway, and NW side in the $60 – $90 range, as of Thursday