GMB 2013 registration form front

For details on cost and an outline of the schedule, get your form here as pdf or jpg (jpg page 2).

Everyone is welcome. We do not gender balance and have no registration cap: we will squeeze you onto the dance floor if you come. We need volunteers to help with tasks, and do offer work/exchange discount; let us know what you can/want to do.

October 18 – 20! It’s a bit early this year, due a scheduling issue.

Calling by Gaye Fifer and Dugan Murphy. Music by the Coffee Zombies and Cocks of the North with Mark “Pokey” Hellenberg.

Here’s the rough schedule. Nice clean versions available at the dance:

Friday night
8 – 9:45: contra to Gaye Fifer and Coffee Zombies
10 – midnight: contra to Dugan Murphy and Cocks of the North with Pokey

10am: intermediate waltz with Gaye or beginning waltz with Vickie
11 am: lindy hop swing with Doug & Fiona or Scandinavian dances with Gaye and Dianna
11 contra flourishes with Doug & Fiona or caller/musician discussion with Gaye and Dianna

1:15 contra with funny end effects with Dugan and Coffee Zombies
2:30 contra with unusual progressions with Dugan and Coffee Zombies
4 pm: advanced contra with Gaye and Cocks of the North plus Pokey
5:30 dinner break
7 couple dances with Emcee and live music.
8 – 10:30 contra with Dugan and Cocks of the North
8:30 costume contest
10:45 – 1am contra with Gaye and Coffee Zombies

10:30 – 12: brunch & waltzing
12 – 3:30 ┬ácontra with Dugan and Coffee Zombies, then Gaye and Cocks of the North with Pokey

Here are Cocks of the North, sans Pokey: